Ringbalin! 2018

Ringbalin Choir #1 Ringbalin Choir #1 Ringbalin Choir #1 Ringbalin Choir #1

Concert City Hall

  Friday Rehearsal  - On Friday afternoon the students will be required for a sound check at  Brisbane City Hall prior to the concert. Senior students are asked to arrive between 5.15pm and 5.25pm and Juniors between 5.30pm and 5.40pm. NO students will be able to leave the venue.

    Drop off for Concert- Parents are required to drop children at the main entrance to City Hall (off King George Square) where staff members will meet them and escort them into the rehearsal. We request that parents not come into the hall until the doors open.

  Concert Dress  -The children will wear Ringbalin T-Shirts, that will be provided to them during the week, over mid blue denim or black long legged jeans (not stone washed or ripped) or black long dress pants  and clean running shoes.  Hair should be tied or pinned back from faces with their hair accessories to co-ordinate with their T-Shirts (Seniors blue, Juniors orange).

  Festival Concert  - Brisbane City Hall at 7pm. Doors will be opening at 6.30 pm. Please note that parking is available in the King George Square carpark and is $5 if you enter after 4.30pm. https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/traffic-transport/parking-permits/car-parks/king-george-square-car-park

 End of Concert Pick-up  -  Students will be released in school groups following the concert from the stage.

Brief Overview of what the students need to bring/wear on Friday evening

Wear Running shoes, mid blue or black jeans or black dress pants, Ringbalin T-Shirt and name tag

Food/snack in disposable paper bag to have prior to the concert;

Hair tied back with coordinating accessories;

No jewellery (including dangling earrings), or additional bags.

Ticket Sales for Concert

Tickets are now on sale for the Concert on Friday Evening 20 July, 7pm at Brisbane City Hall.

Please use the link below to purchase tickets.

Reminder that you must print your receipt and bring it with you on the evening as this is your ticket.

Ringbalin is on again for 2018.

We are looking forward to meeting those students doing Ringbalin for the first time and also those returning from 2016.

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2018 and the team cannot wait to share them with you.